Alaska Bucket List

Dog Sledding, Ice Climbing, White Water Rafting, Salmon Fishing, and more.. Alaska is INCREDIBLE! Thanks to our friends at Bass Pro Shops for sponsoring this video! Visit Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's for all your outdoor needs!
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Gold Panning: Crow Creek Gold Mine -
Dog Sledding: Alpine Air Alaska -
White Water Rafting: NOVA -
Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge -
Fishing/Bear Watching/Conservation: Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge -
Whale Watching: Seward Ocean Excursions -
ATV Tour: 49th State Motor Tours -
Jet Ski: Glacier Jetski Adventures -
Train: Alaska Railroad -
Helicopter flight glacier landing on Denali: Talkeetna Air Taxi -
Ice Climbing: MICA Guides -
Hot Springs/Ice Museum: Chena Hot Springs -
Travel Partner: Alaska Tour & Travel -
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  • Twi Shorts
    Twi Shorts

    A couple of years ago I went dog sledding in Northern Canada. One of the best experiences of my life.

  • Taras Zastavskiy
    Taras Zastavskiy

    I feel like the guy who caught that “runaway” dog sled, deserves more credit than he got.

  • Victoria B
    Victoria B

    I love when he said I didn’t inherit this land from my ancestors I’m just borrowing it from my kids and their future kids 🥺 absolutely stunning. I hope that one day I can experience at least even a fraction of what you guys have done!!!

  • Daiv Purohit
    Daiv Purohit

    The bucket list we desire and these guys bringing it to us and it's magnificent. I love this 5 crazy people

  • Lukas Prien
    Lukas Prien

    When Ty ate all the blueberrys you could see pure joy and happieness in his eyes. So wonderful ❤

  • Alex Nelson
    Alex Nelson

    I truly started to tear up at the end. all around beautiful. thank you so much DP for all of these memories you have shared with your fans. pound it, noggin, see ya

  • Vincent Cocchio
    Vincent Cocchio

    Dude Perfect's videos have evolved from 5 friends doing trick shots in their backyard to entire movies and sharing amazing experiences.

  • Rudi Adjrun
    Rudi Adjrun

    I am in love with the bucket list series and it would be amazing if they made a whole season of it

  • EazyClapz

    This is amazing. I felt like I was watching a movie on my iPhone. And that ATV tour made me want to go there. It is so cool that you guys can do stuff like this.

  • Vanilla Gorilla
    Vanilla Gorilla

    Man it hurts to realise that I would never be able to afford to visit places like this, it's bitter sweet seeing this video. Amazing work ! ❤️

  • Creative Current
    Creative Current

    From doing trickshots in their backyard to this is insane, congrats DP!

  • Neon turkey
    Neon turkey

    They went from back yard trick shots to going to different places around the world with all these great camera shots all these great camera men and all them just deserve a round of applause it’s amazing how much dp has evolved over the past 12 full years

  • Carter

    We do not inherit this land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. What a beautiful quote.

  • Lunatic Leone
    Lunatic Leone

    it's so dope to have a team like this. that they can genuinely have fun and just be able to do what they want without having to worry about the shot or retaking the shots

  • Surender Pal Singh
    Surender Pal Singh

    Its not always possible to visil such places, but the way your videos describe it, its no less than an experience in itself, made me feel like i am hanging out there with my friends. Thankyou!

  • just Lou
    just Lou

    Lets not forget where this all started its actually insane to see the same guys that started in the back yard living out their dreams

  • Ykzuki

    Lets keep the bucket list vids comin! Know how much effort put into, pleasure to see your vids, what a relaxing and exciting adventure.

  • Zedofy

    Huge round of applause for the production team. The Editing was literally DIVINE. Probably the best edited video i have ever seen.

  • Parth Aggarwal
    Parth Aggarwal

    The cameraman And the production team deserves a huge round of applause 👏👏 .. great work everyone . Dp content is best as always

  • Ayushman Singh
    Ayushman Singh

    Best episode ever I had a grin on my face the whole time, great work by the production team it felt like I was there with them.